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30 Day Fitness Challenge: Which One Should I Choose?

Yesterday I posted about my overall fitness and weight loss goal as well as my short term goals (3 months and 6 months). I'll be honest, I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to get there but I realized I do best with mini-goals to help get me to my big goals. So for the month of June, I'll commit to one 30-Day fitness challenge. 30 straight days of fitness, up to 30 minutes each workout (I seriously don't have the attention span to do more than that!). I had a personal goal of dropping a few pounds in June, so healthy eating, tracking my food and drinking my water, coupled with converting myself out of couch potato land should get me to that goal.

Finding a 30 Day Fitness Challenge
The problem is, there are sooooo many different challenges to choose from. Booty, belly, arms, abs, thighs, HIIT, full body, Tabata. Yikes. I have no idea what I'm going to choose, but there are some pretty interesting 30 day fitness challenges I found on Pinterest. Here, take…

365 Days Until I Turn 35

Somewhere between the time I popped out my first kid and the time I came back to work after having my second kid, I declared I'd reach my goal weight for good. The time frame to complete this mission, was by my 35 birthday. I'm not sure why I picked 35. I'm not huge on putting an emphasis on age. I didn't have a quarter-life crisis when I turned 25, and I didn't avoid my 35 birthday like the plague either. For some reason, 35 just sticks out like a sore thumb. Maybe I will feel like like a real grown up at 35. I'm not sure. But what I do know, is that for some reason the universe has me focused on 35 is my magic age to have everything figured out. My career, my weight, a hobby to really call my own (like this old blog here). If I don't meet these goals by the time I turn 35 that will be OK. But not ideal...obvi!
So I'm kicking my 34 year old jiggly ass (oh geez am I even mature enough to be 34??) and I'm getting down to business. This is my year (yes…

#TheDailyPonder: Seeing the Good in Everything

Train  Your mind To see The good in  Everything!