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My Name is Jen and I'm a Self-Sabotager

Last year my husband and I competed (with some friends) in Warrior Dash ... a 5K run and obstacle course. For months and months and months we planned, prepped and trained. And then for some reason, about 4 moths before the race, I started getting nervous. The excitement dwindled, nerves set it and I began to talk myself out of doing the race. And since I talked myself out of doing the race. I also stopped watching what I ate. And since I stopped watching what I was eating, I stopped working out. And since I stopped working out, I got flubbery again in places that were firming up, and I gained weight. Again. And because all of that happened, I felt so down abut myself.

But then the week of the race came along and it was too late to "quit" so I had no choice but to go shopping find new workout gear that wouldn't show off my rolls. I remember feeling like such a failure as I tried to squeeze into spandex type capri's and body con style tank tops. Didn't they make w…