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Weekend Links: Be a Bad Ass with a Good Ass!

I told you that we bought a pop-up trailer right? Well you know that when I embark on new adventures, I get really really obsessed with them so this week, most of my links are camping related and a few Weight Watchers and fitness items sprinkled into the mix as well.

Camping activities and printables for the little ones

Family camping organization

Hilarious article about putting sunscreen on toddlers

This Loaded Cauliflower "Mash" looks amazeballs. Not only is it gluten free (win!), it's also Weight Watchers friendly at only 2 SmartPoints per serving. 

I feel like I`m going to need to use this quote daily for the next week because I'm feeling super sluggish this weekend - quote found on 

Aaaaaaand this quote made me giggle...

RV hacks

Interview with Kate Hudson,  her brother Oliver and Glamour Magazine about staying fit and healthy
Mouth watering watermelon sticks with yogurt-honey dip

Just Thinking Out Loud Today

Join me today as I'm Thinking Out Loud . . . 

My day started at 5:30 am with the sounds of little kids fighting over who would get to cuddle up to me in my bed since daddy wasn't home from work yet. Those who know me, know that I am not a morning person at all and I may have given a bit of ‘tude when I suggested they both get in bed and stop talking. The funny thing is they didn't seem to be fazed by grumpy morning voice, and just laid down next to me and everyone was quiet for about 5 minutes. It was bliss. Until they decided building something out of Lego would be a good idea. To which I promptly lifted my arm and pointed to the door. Words weren't needed. They knew it was time to get the eff out of there and play in their rooms.

My hubby and I have been thinking of cheap and cheerful ways to entertain the kids all summer while having some quality family time in the process. We decided camping would be awesome (cheap) but we hate tent camping so we bought a tent trai…